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Dog watch

The day starts wonderfully with a 'Dog watch' from 00h00 till 04h00. Standing on the foredeck- no moon- so in the dark on lookout or standing at the wheel on the poopdeck. 


sneak preview

As a novice sailor it is very difficult to keep the ship on course (155 degrees South South East) when high waves and strong winds pulling and pushing the ship. During daytime the first seals and even a whale is spotted; a sneak preview of what is to come.

Mission Drake Passage accomplished

Our guide Lex has orginazed a very informative lecture on IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators). After this everybody needs to vacuum his outer clothing layer to clean it from any pollen and seeds. This prevents spreding these on Antarctica. 

After dinner the Captain gave his estimate in when we would be able to see land: tonight we will be spotting land and we will be neat Desolatino Island. With this announcement everybody gets really exited! Mission Drake Passage accomplished! 

Written by:
Erwin | Trainee



Spectaculaire foto's! Laat je niet afbeulen he.

Bart van Schendel  |  13-02-2015 16:41 uur

Meer foto's, meer info please! Indrukwekkende reis....

Jacqueline Rost  |  13-02-2015 15:55 uur

Hallo Er & Son, prachtig indrukwekkende reis, is goed te volgen met mooie opnamen.

Cor van Rooy  |  12-02-2015 01:20 uur

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