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Drake Life

Yesterday after 4 days in the Drake we have finally anchored in South Shetland Islands, the time has stopped or stopped to exist for those days in the sea. While still crossing Beagle canal we were taught how to stay on helm, climb the mast and work with the sails. We were pretty clumsy at first, but on the sea we thought, we would have a chance to improve.

Little we knew.

After we have entered the big waters at least 2/3 of the passenger’s crew was out with sea sickness, including myself of course. 1,5 day has passed for me like 5 minutes or like 5 lives. All I remember is my room mate sweet Sharona filling up a water bottle for me, while I was in horizontal position for hours. Those who were still on foot were trying to help sick ones as much as they could. In between consciousness I would hear the giggling of Kat, which made me feel good knowing that little princess was okay before I drifted out again.

While passing the Drake passengers had to do 4 hour shifts on helm and on look out point then 8 hours of rest. Our watch was fortunate enough to get Kat as a leader, to do all the schedules and organizing of the watches. Sometimes people fit in the right spot. Of course while almost everyone was sick lucky healthy ones had to do all the job by themselves. It was very interesting during day time, but wasn't so much fun to wake up in the middle of the night dress up and go up on the deck for 4 hours, so now everyone is happy that we can have full nights of rest.

My admiration to the young crew of the ship. That's amazing to see how fast and professional these young women and men are. Sails were up and down magically fast. All I could notices was a change, but never saw the actual work. These girls climbing the mast faster, then I am capable of taking my phone out of the pocket, they are dressed in tee shirts, while we all have 3-4 layer of clothes. They are working with bare hands for hours, while our hands are getting cold in the gloves.

Captain Janke is so cool and professional also. Whole team is awesome and we all are very lucky to have them taking care of us and of beautiful "Europa".

 Today is the first landing. Everyone is excited and looking forward to a new experiences ahead.

Written by:
Julia Shato | Voyage crew



Merci beaucoup de la part de la mère d'un membre d'équipage !

Sophie Bousdira  |  28-01-2019 11:13 uur

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