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Drake passage

Good evening,

POS:  59*00,4 S 069*19,2 W
COG:  320
SOG:  5.2 kts
WND:  N 5 bft
SEA:  2 meter
Water Temp: 4.5

Drake passage

Under sail. At least for the biggest part of the day we were. Together with sun, a nice breeze, blue water and birds. Almost tropical it was. The whole ship sighted in relaxedness for a bit. Some did even put on some sunscreen. In the meantime we passed convergence zone. The water and outside temp got way warmer.

Then the wind slowly shifted to the west and northwest. And decreased. Remembering the words of a wise captain: "the Drake is not a place to linger around..." we started the engines and started making our way again. As do we do now. The weather did change. The wind picked up, shifted north, clouds developed. Now it is waiting for the wind to back to the NW again to start setting the sails en begin our last bit of the Drake. We're 190 NM from the Horn at present moment.

Till tomorrow!

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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