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Drawing to a close

Today is February 27th. This morning after breakfast and a briefing from one of the staff from Port Lockroy, we headed out for a landing at Port Lockroy to tour the post office.  Seems like a dull thing to do on an average day on the mainland, but this was very interesting! It is also a museum and we got the grand tour. There are currently four woman posted there from the Antarctic Heritage Trust, who are all very lovely. They have a four month post, for the Antarctic Summer, and are charged with looking after the place. While we could not touch or remove anything from the museum, I did find the soap like bar labelled “Meat
Bar” especially intriguing. Also in the kitchen there a recipe book lay open with the recipe for “Roast Seal Meat”, surely a party favourite!

Our time on the Bark is drawing to a close, it has gone by so quickly. On March 1, we will once again begin the crossing of the Drake Passage. Back to our watch system and then ultimately back to our lives. While I have missed my loved ones, just like all of my ship mates, I have met many new people on board, from the voyage crew, and the crew, whom I will always remember for their kindness and fellowship. I lucked out with my roomies Effie and Debbie, a mother-daughter team, but everyone on board has been a pleasure. If you are thinking maybe, someday, I’ll do that cruise, I say, do it now! Don’t put this on your bucket list, you never know how much time you have and this is a trip you want to take-don’t wait!

Its coffee time, which means cookies, so I will close. Thanks to the crew and the voyage crew for making this a wonderful adventure, oh, and thanks to Captain too!


Written by:
Michelle Drewyer | Voyage Crew

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