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Dreaming away…

Seeing South Georgia for the King Penguins was one of my dreams and is now a reality. The last few days I have seen more animals than I ever expected, closer than I ever thought was possible. Being in this part of the world, far away from all social media and other internet facilities, I feel nature more than ever. Am with myself a lot more. Realizing more what is important for me in life and why. While this is happening, I was enjoying the various walks, dealing with defensive male fur seals on the beaches, watching all the king penguins and sea elephants, so near. So pure and beautiful. Animals giving birth or mating, fighting. Amazing. Loved it all. Dreaming away by looking at the waves or in my bunk gives me comfort and renews my energy.

Today we had lots of time seeing the king penguins in their natural environment in St. Andrews Bay. Just being there, watching them. Enjoying them, made me realize that my logo for my coaching company “Beleef je Karakter” (Experience your character) really fits me.

Now almost setting sail for my second visit to Antarctica and & South Shetlands and new adventures. Looking forward with an open mind, ready for new experiences. On board all is well, good food, nice people. Nothing more to say.

Do what you love and love what you do… for now that is all what counts…

Written by:
Birgita Endert | trainee

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