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Due South

Welcome, almost, to Antarctic waters! After a few days of round-the-clock, all-weather sailing, the nautical miles are accumulating and we will soon be closing in on the first stop, appropriately named Snow Island. Anticipation of the first landings definitely beginning to build, as we get set to attend a mandatory lecture and vacuum bags/outer gear to avoid contamination of the pristine environments we have come to visit. 

Adjusting to living on an angle has been a fun challenge. The strategically placed ropes everywhere are crucial in navigating the way around a ship in constant motion, and attempting to take a shower during the Drake crossing proved to be an adventure in itself. 

Best of all has been the food that somehow appears regularly at meal time from the ship's galley each day. Hearty and delicious, how the cooks and crew manage to prepare and serve it all while the floor shifts beneath them is remarkable and well appreciated by all, especially at the end of a long, cold watch!

Written by:
James MacDuff | voyage crew



Glad you’re having fun James. Great story.

Peter  |  20-03-2018 23:55 uur

Ik wens jullie een hele goede reis en war zal er genoten worden worden van al dat moois wat jullie meemaken?!!!🤗😊

Mieke Nels  |  09-03-2018 11:50 uur

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