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Dynamic crew

Life on board EUROPA is like a small community on shore. 

The guest crew is there for no other reason then to enjoy the almost untouched piece of earth. The captain decides if the weather is ok to sail or make landings. Crew can be spotted in the rigging but you see the same crew making coffee. They all are allround and show a huge dynamic energy.

Yesterday the sewing machine was positioned on the main deck. A enormous piece of sail cloth on both sides; itlooked like a waterfal. Katelinn, one of the crew was sitting behind it and between all the cloth she was barely visible. Six gloved hands were helping her keeping the sail in place. The sail needed new stitches. Quite a heavy job.


And there are more heavy jobs on board EUROPA, not only work in the rigging but also manouvering yourselve on a moving ship. It is very funny however to see everybody moving around in a 50 degree angle. Much respect for the cooks on board who also cook under and angle and at the same time keep the cutlery in place. 

Written by:
Dorothee | trainee



Lieve Dorothee, Heren Koninkrijk Herkenbaar. Wat zouden we graag dat meegemaakt hebben. We horen. Ali en Gérard.

Gerard Mackor  |  28-02-2016 11:48 uur

Beste Dorothee, Het is nog steeds hetzelfde: één hand voor jezelf en één hand voor het schip. Het is een genoegen om de reis zo mee te maken. HG Henk

Henk Harkema  |  26-02-2016 10:17 uur

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