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Escape to sea

Make your Spring escape to sea! Join the ship on her voyage to the Northern Hemisphere.

Mile maker

Make your Spring escape to sea! Join the ship on her voyage to the Northern Hemisphere. Starting in Cape Town the long ocean voyage to Ascenstion Island starts. With a possible stop on St. Helena this will be a nice long ocean voyage: a true milemaker.  


Even though this ocean voyage is a prefect mile maker on its own, there is more to this voyage: we will be conducting research while at sea. The specific ocean routes the EUROPA sails are specifically interesting because of their remoteness. This way the EUROPA is a perfect platform to do research in these areas. The EUROPA will be provided and prepared with so called drifters and floaters with all possible measuring instruments in them. The EUROPA and her crew look forward to cooperate again in this kind of research. Next to high tech material the crew uses a alge net to filter out all life in the surface water and to study it. The crew also takes measurements for the Dutch Meteoroly institute: everyday at more or less the same time several weather factors are measured. Salinity for example, but also water temperature, wave hight and lenght, general weather, visibility, cloud shape and size etc. These details are being sent to scientists ashore where all data is collected and is being used for global climate research.

Vitamine C or Vitamine Sea

Treat yourself on a healthy dosage of vitamine Sea! The sea is the best treatment to finally come out of this winter depression, running noses and of cours to relieve you of all stress!  

Written by:
Marijke | Office crew

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