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Exchange Program

After lunch we prepared for our first landing on the Antarctic continent...the rest having been on islands. We left the ship in Zodiacs which in turn returned with some of the residents of Esperanza eager to see a tall ship. The Argentinian Base at Hope Bay is home to 60 people year round -- scientists, army personnel and their families. We were greeted by a guide who showed us around the base. There is a school with nine children, kindergarten through highschool, a museum, several houses and a "Casino"which serves as community centre, post
office and bar. There is also a tiny chapel which has on display the hat worn by Pope Farncis at his inauguration and a relic of St. Francis of Assisi. A long line formed at the post office as we bought stamps and mailed post cards which hopefully will reach our families before we do! As winter closes in in Antarctica we wish the brave people of Esperanza well in the coming year.

Written by:
Joan | Trainee

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