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Faster and faster

Hello all,

POS:    13* 22.3 S 138* 51.1 W         
SOG:    6.7
COG:    010
DTG:    214 NM to Hiva Oa: Marquesas
BT:      UTC -8
Water temp: 28.4 Celsius

Faster and faster it goes with the wind picking up from the ESE. Finally a day with 140 NM made good. Finally a day without a windless period. It's a big pleasure to feel the ship moving so smoothly through the warm waters. And warm it is. The "fresh" breeze is more than welcome. With the air temperature at noon of 29 Celsius and the water temperature of 28.4 not many people sit in the sun anymore.

In the daytime all are happy to maintain the Northerly course we sail...this gives much-appreciated shadow over the whole ship at the hottest moments of the day. Especially with the stunsails set, the sunscreen is completed and the whole deck is shaded. And yes, in the Southern hemisphere, the sun can be found in the North at noon.

The hottest spot in the ship is by now not the engine room, but definitely the galley. The cooks, Shani and Cato, working there do such a fantastic job. The food is delicious and every day surprising. Adaptations are made to the hot weather with for example cold soup at lunch. I really love it, although there is a conservative branch of people on board who are forming the "bring the hot soup back" party.

Luckily all people have different tastes, but I do hope the cold soup stays. Since the ship is not a democracy I guess it will be like that. Otherwise, ask the captain to make a decision on it ;-)

Anyway, we try to cool the galley down, with not such a great result. The only solution is to keep hydrating and get on deck as often as possible. So they try to do. A good way to also enjoy the sailing, the shade, and "fresh" breeze a bit more often.

This afternoon the Pinrail chase was organized. A great success. The Red Watch won...but the other teams were not far behind. The doctor was the "trusted and honest" judge. There was no cheating...ahum....and Matti did build in "fair" handicaps for the assumed stronger contestants. Good for all the chase ended with some proper stormy weather sail setting to cool down the participating teams.

And in the meantime, the murdergame is still on. Today some new victims fell, but also some failed attempts were spotted. Still, nothing has been decided. I keep you updated on the outcome.

📷 Jordi Plana Morales

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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