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Fata Morgana Australis

And there we are, in cold Antarctic waters. We've seen our first iceberg this afternoon. If you've spotted one, there may be some more. So now, during dog watch, we are on the lookout for icebergs or growlers. Everybody worries whether we will see them on time and will be able to avoid them. So here some calculations. We are sailing at less than 6 knots, equivalent to 10 kilometers per hour. Which is also equivalent to 167 meters per minute. So if we can see 200 meters ahead, we will have more than a minute to react. Not much, so be aware, but it's doable.

Standing out there, taking over from Fran I see a long white line in the distance. It's far away, so I have a lot of time to react. It looks like a huge piece of Antarctic ice from the Weddel sea. The white line being the glimmering of the flat top surface. Should I report to Janke? It's so big, she must have spotted it on the radar. But we are on collision course. Then I realize that it's just an opening between the clouds. The white line is the sky beyond that shines through, because the sun is not far below the horizon.

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