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Fin whales spotted

12:00 Shipstime = UT+ 1

20-51S : 000-54E,
Moderate sea with a long S-ly swell gives us a heavy roll once in a while. Partly cloudy skies.
Making around 6 knots in the direction of 305 degrees.

The SE Tradewind still steady but increased to 5+ Bfrt. Seawater 21,5 degr.
We dowsed our Stuns'ls on Port this morning and gibed the mizzen, so we are on SB tack again.
If the wind decreases a little we are definitely going to set our Stuns'ls again but now on SB.
We are slowly getting more North of the High pressure system and will give us a bit more Easterly winds in the weekend.
Still aiming for the Monday as arriving day on St Helena.

The 2 fin whales that accompanied us yesterday morning stayed until 3 o'clock in the afternoon and made even several breaches for us (powerful jumping out of the water and making a huge splash) before they took off. This breaching is quite common for Humpbacks but rarely seen by fin whales.

Done  24hrs = 153M = 6,4 kts in 300 degr.
Done 211hrs = 1242M = 5,9 kts average.
To Go: 477M to St Helena

Alles Wel

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark Europa

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