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Flea market

SUNDAY 19TH of June 2022, 12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 

Under Motor power 

24 days Out from Ascension 

37°-06'N : 034°-38' 

Course= -060° -All sails stowed away and steaming into E-NE.erly wind force 3+ 

Speed around 7 kts. (2 engines),Seawater 21,8° Celsius,Barometer 1032,3 hPa,still rising 

Yesterday afternoon after coffee we took down all our squares and started 1 engine, before sunrise this morning we also took all our Jibs & stays’ls down and started the second main engine. 

We keep the wind 1 point on our SB bow and hope that tomorrow we can do that on Port bow and maybe even set some stays’ls & jibs again if the wind becomes more N-NE. 

This afternoon we will have a flee market on deck so everybody who still has some cigarettes, toothpaste, mars-bars and other wanted items in spare can make good business.  

There is only one rule: no money can be involved, so taking over somebody his watch, trade with other duties or gooddies is the model. 

I saw already the possibility of making your own shape cookies and Ines the Galley girl will bake them for you. Fortune tellers, Barbers, Crepe baking, Fancy knotworks every thing is possible this afternoon. 

I personally was thinking about a request for a change of wind direction, but maybe I am asking too much and the prize could be far too high.  

In the wildlife chapter, yesterday and today, a completely free show by the Atlantic spotted dolphins around the ship. 

Done  24hrs  =156 in 051°6,5 kts  Average, 

Done 577 hrs= 3.514,5M =   6,1 kts  Average,   

Horta:  300M in Bearing 073° 

Alles Wel 


Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Het is prachtig. BOREAS.

margriet  |  20-06-2022 11:30 uur

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