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Full & By

SUNDAY 12TH of June 2022,  12.00 Ships time = Gmt. 

NE Tradewinds 

17 days Out from Ascension 

21°-14'N : 039°-58' 

Course= -NortherlyFull & By SB-tack, Speed; around the 6,5 to 7 kts 

Wind =ENE4 to 5.  Seawater 26° Celsius 

Finally this morning the Tradewinds are showing a tendency of veering to the E-NE so we can make a more Northerly course. 
No complaints about the breeze, she is still a nice in strength for sailing “Full & By”. 

We’ve got the Port scuppers in the water with sails set upto the Royals and Outer jib, only 2 staysails on the Mizzen and just the spanker, no gafftopsail. 

I had the opportunity to have a trick on the wheel this morning because the Voyage Crew got a Sunday holyday (from 08.00 this morning till 20.00) so a good opportunity for the permanent crew to have some hours on the wheel and being a lookout in the bow.  

She is steering like a Swan and I didn’t have to touch the wheel for at least 5 minutes.  

From the wheel on the Europa you can step away and look at the sails or the flag. Its not like a tiller that will go to lee by itself when you let it go and brings your ship into the wind. 

It looks like we are going to have a winner in the coming 24hrs in the Suns-Declination versus the Ships-latitude gamble/calculation/observation Game.  Tomorrow you will have a name!  

Done   24 hrs    161 in 330°6,7 kts  Average, 

Done 409 hrs 2.412,5=   5,9 kts  Average,   

Horta:  1195M in Bearing 029° 

Alles Wel 


Picture by: Aske Blom

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Mooie foto Klaas. Hug for Boreas.

margriet  |  14-06-2022 10:28 uur

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