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"Galley Thoughts"

One of the many good things of sailing on the Europa is that her crew, and Voyage Crew of course, come from all the corners of the world.  That brings variety and diversity in daily shipslife, in music and in food. Last Sunday we all enjoyed a French breakfast; Croissants and baguettes! Created by our super French baker; Filemon, accompanied with beaucoup de BlaBla ( French Music). A few years ago we had never heard of Bobotie, the national dish of South Africa. Thanks to our South African chippy (Aaron) and engineer (Divine) it is now one of our favourite meals to prepare and eat!
The hummus we make is approved by the bosun  Mr. Finn ( half Lebanese ) who always says that there are as many recipes  as there are
grandmothers in Lebanon. And sometimes we put the Sauerkraut experience on the table with griesmeel ( semolina) and red sauce as a desert!

We are practising to make Stroopwafels………..

Gjalt and Rensje.

Written by:
Gjalt en Rensje | cooks

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