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"Garlic and Oranges"

What? Say again??
No Garlic?...
Then we don’t leave the quay.
You can’t  cross the ocean without any garlic on board, imagine all the
evil that could come and visit us on board!
Sailing across the ocean without oranges? Okay, no problem. But not
without Garlic, NO WAY!
Always thrilling to get stores on board on the day of departure, you
never know if they can deliver everything you asked for.
Even more thrilling, when it is a public holiday. Canadian Labour day it
was last Monday, every single shop in Canada closed.
Thanks to the local supermarket of Lunenburg, who kindly opened up her
doors for us, we were able to load some kilos of garlic and some boxes
of oranges on board the Europa!
After we stored everything in almost the right spot, we were ready to
cross the  Atlantic Ocean.
That’s it for now, on our way to the galley to make………
Garlic Bread.

Gjalt and Rensje

Written by:
Rensje en Gjalt | Cook



wat leuk om dit te lezen. ik kijk weer uit naar de volgende belevenis. een trouwe volger van Bark EUROPA. Margriet.

margriet.  |  11-09-2017 14:31 uur

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