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Great sailing speed

THURSDAY 02nd of June 2022
04-01N : 026-27W    COG = North
Wind E-SE 3 to Bfrt  Moderate Swell

Yesterday afternoon we received a message from Neptune that he postponed his visit to the EUROPA because he had to visit 3 other vessels and he did not want to rush things on such an honourable square rigger.
Also he 
noticed that we had such great sailing speed, in the right direction that we should take advantage of that opportunity.

We had definitely a good breeze yesterday afternoon and Europa went with a bone between her teeth to the North.
We had to dowse even the Royals 
for a couple of hours.

Today we have more gentle conditions and everything is set, including skysails and flying jib.
Stunsails are with this beam wind out of the question but they are still on the standby because the doldrums are just behind the horizon and in this area of Low pressure and unstable airflows you never know what you get.

Seawater still 28,5 degrees Celsius and cauliflower cumulus clouds are growing.

Done 24 hrs 173M = 7,2 kts  Average
Done 169 hrs 1.074,5M = 6,4 kts Average,  1 week out of Ascension.

Written by:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Thank you Klaas. Mooi.

Margriet  |  03-06-2022 13:26 uur

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