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Greetings from the Bransfield strait

Hello all,

POS:  62*45,5 S 060*02,2 W
COG:  222
SOG:  4.1
WND:  N 4 - 7 bft
Water temp: 2.7 *C

This morning we came in to the South Shetland Islands through English Strait. Good visibility and sunshine made for a magic entrance. Soon we dropped anchor at Fort Point.

The first landing contained all: a stern landing (with some wet boots, including my own) Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, penguin chicks, beautiful rock formation, a nunatak and a glacier front...nothing else to wish for!

After returning to the ship dinner was served early and in the meantime the Europa sailed to Yankee harbour. My homeport ;-) Here the VC had a nice calm evening landing. And now we are sailing. Lower topsails and one upper (with the help of 
the capstan) into direction Deception.

Greetings from the Brandsfield strait,


Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



I hope Rien, this day, is celebrating his aniversary with all hands on deck.

Marieke  |  06-01-2023 20:15 uur

Puh, endlich in ruhigeren Gewässern und gleich mit einem WOW Erlebnis, wie schön endlich wieder von Euch zu lesen und dieses sensationelle Gefühl "es geht Euch gut, es war alles Wert"

Gisela  |  06-01-2023 17:07 uur

Fijn weer een mooi verhaal te lezen. Op naar Deception island voor een beetje late nieuwjaarsduik. Groetjes aan Irene

Inez  |  06-01-2023 12:22 uur

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