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Happy people over here

Good evening,

POS:  45*53,2 S 058*27,5 W
COG:  120
SOG:  5.1 kts
WND:  N 4 bft
SEA:  1.5 meter
SWL:  N'ly 1 meter
Water temp: 10
Air temp: 10

The day started sunny. Slowly the clouds came closer till tonight we ended the day with some drizzle that is hiding the stars. VC have to get used to steering completely in the dark. In the morning and afternoon we went on with sail training and a lecture 
of the guides next to that. Since the ship is hardly rolling, the perfect situation for all. Even our last seasickness victims have been spotted eating again. Till tomorrow the forecast looks quite calm...after that we'll be getting the first proper low passing. 
Hopefully the sealegs have developed enough by then.

The sunset was beautiful as were we accompanied by a big beautiful wandering albatross. And for dinner there was on on a day like this...when the weather gets slowly colder and a bit wet. For desert we had Pavels birthdaycake! Lovely!

Happy people over here.

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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