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How many types of blue exist?

Hello all,

POS:  64*42,5 S 063*01,4 W
COG:  210
SOG:  5.2
WND:  ENE 6-7 bft

A day full of icebergs, glaciers and wildlife. Although the weather is not fantastic, still a lot of rain, the scenery stays beautiful in all it's forms. Sometimes I wonder how many types of blue do exist.

We sailed at 7 through Graham passage, visited the wreck of the Gouvernouren, sailed through Willemina bay, landed at Orne Harbour and climbed up to enjoy the view over Gerlache strait, saw Orca's (!!!), saw Humback whales and landed in the evening on Cuverville island. By now everybody went to bed...understandable after such a full day of impressions. During the night we are heading slowly towards Lemaire channel. Tomorrow we'll start our visit on the South side.

Groetjes, Janke

Photo by Richard Simko

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Geweldig Janke. Thank you.

margriet  |  10-01-2023 09:12 uur

WoW orka’s, prachtig! Gelukkig geen familie van de orka’s in Portugal en Spanje.

Hilde  |  09-01-2023 19:55 uur

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