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I Feel

Like an elephant seal
Lying in my bunk
Making some noises
Coughing and vomit funk

Please let me sleep
I explain with my watery eyes
I need my beauty time
To make my skin look nice

And sometimes in my wonderful squared metre two
The ship throws me around
I bet that’s what it feels like
With a male of that many pounds

Give me some water and food
and please stop to move
I want to feel like a macaroni penguin
Cool and chasing the waves with some groove

Written by:
Sophie van der Weerd | Voyage crew



Dat was niet zo n fijne ervaring, zo te lezen! Poezie zegt meer dan proza in dit geval. Ik kijk iedere dag minstens drie keer waar je zit. Tot app/bel/mail binnenkort! X

Mammie  |  17-12-2018 22:51 uur

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