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In Requiem

To all spouses, Partners, Children and friends of the Bark EUROPA voyage crew.

They are heading home for a well earned rest. Please treat them carefully as their time at sea has left them very fragile.

When they leap out of bed in the middle of the night reassure them that they are not on watch. If they gather in the kitchen at certain times of the day, remind them that the galley requires a modicum of self preparation. Also dishes need to be washed and a single biscuit does not buy undying gratification. That it is not necessary to retire to the bedroom after every meal. The cubicle with the taps is the shower not the toilet. The garden hose needn’t be coiled after every use. Unclean shoes are not Bio Security hazard. Also you can expect instant action if you lower your voice call “ORCA’S on the bow”.

Remember that confinement has left them easily confused. 

However there is an upside. Now they now know that the captain makes all the right decisions, and they have learnt how to share when steering the ship.

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Voyage crew |



Thanks for the heads up. I now know how to wake Ray ...”it’s your watch Ray”.

Ann Le Vaillant   |  20-12-2017 18:41 uur

Congratulations brave souls! Welcome back to terra firma!

Jacqueline   |  20-12-2017 14:30 uur

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