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In the Brandsfield Strait

Good evening,

POS:  62*23,7 S 054*51,6 W
COG:  230243
SOG:  6.7 kts
WND:  NNE 5 bft
SEA:  1 meter
Water Temp: 0.0
Outside temp: 0.5

In the Brandsfield Strait.

We started the day once more in a thick layer of fog. Nothing to see, except for a single Prion. A small world. Somewhere after coffee time (10 o'clock sharp, a Dutch habit) all of a sudden the sky cleared a bit. For an hour we could see Clarence island. The first island to welcome us to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Even the sun came out for a bit. And...for a few moments an Orca was spotted. I haven't seen people running so fast on board before.

A great welcome. Unfortunately after lunch the fog returned. Then the wind shifted to the North. With that the air got a little bit warmer and now we are accompanied by rain. Where we had only snow till now, arriving on the Peninsula brings rain. But, we don't get sad (just wet). Wait another half hour and the weather might be totally different again. Anyway we are sailing. Rain or snow, our crew sails every circumstance.

We also had other company. A loud skreeking came from an unknown place in the fog. Very mysterious. We could not see 123 what caused the unfamiliar sound. Unfamiliar for some, because I heard it before. It was a lonely chinstrap penguin following us in the fog and every now and then skreeking at us. My penguin language understanding is not that good so I can't tell what it said. Probably that she or he was happy to see our beautiful Europa sailing into the Brandsfield. That makes more. We are happy too to be here.

All well, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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