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Land Ahoy

We wake up and in a faraway distance we see land ahead;

It is nice to see you mister Shetland

the South Shetland Islands. Our wildlife treat of the day are whales at a distance, some relaxing fur-seals in front of the bow and two exhausted white birds flying around the Europa. According to Jordit they were Cattle Egrets. Apparently they were lost (just a few 1000 km off course) and are not supposed to be in this area. They tried to land on the Europa hoping it would bring them back north but unfortunately for them we were heading south :) It is getting more and more crowded in the deck house and it looks like everybody is fully back to life again. We dropped our first anchor in the evening and on the next day we would do our first landing on Antarctica. The watch system for the voyage crew is over for now and all this brings an enthusiasm on board which results in the first beer and wine being poured from the bar. People are shining up their cameras for the big day of overwhelming wildlife tomorrow. I enjoy an evening with a lovely warm shower and bunk which are not acting like roller-coasters. It is nice to see you mister Shetland.

Written by:
Bert | Trainee



Leuk hoor, om via de blog een bericht te krijgen van Bert, die samen met onze dochter Paulien deze geweldige reis aan het maken is. Wat een prachtige foto's en herinneringen zullen ze meenemen. Goed om te horen dat jullie zo genieten! Om jaloers op te zijn!! Groeten en liefs van Anton en Jannie.

Jannie den Braven  |  09-03-2015 17:48 uur

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