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Last day in Antarctica

Today is our last day not just setting foot on the continent but our last day in Antarctica!

We began with a Zodiac tour around Paradise Bay observing the glaciers glowing blue and looking at the path it carved down the mountain onto the water. The water was just like a mirror holding a crisp reflection of the mountains.

We then cruised in the Zodiacs back towards the Bark Europa when we spotted a nest of Blue-eyed Shags and their chicks pestering for food (kind of like us scouts). After a lunch of stuffing my face, we cruised towards our final landing in Antarctica… last time to catch that all too familiar aroma, given by a Gentoo colony, of penguin poo.

As we hopped out of the boats, we split into two groups: one that could endure the potent smell of the penguins and the other that wanted to spend the afternoon hiking up a mountain. I was in the second group and got to stare at one last truly awesome view containing the monolithic mountains, gorgeous glaciers and the Bark Europa however the most stunning part was the sounds; the sound of ice crashing down into the sea and the sound of the penguins going about their day. On our way back down the mountain we decided to end the day with a bang and enjoy a final sliding in the snow (and running back up the hill to go again).

Now we are embarking on our voyage home through the Drake which we hope will be nice and smooth but expecting otherwise!

Written by:
Alex Maciver | Kent Scouts

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