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Life on board

Position: 29°57'S 011°52'E
COG: 333°
SOG: 7 kn

At the start of the day, the wind was steadily going down. Then, at the time i went on watch again, it had died completely. This did, however, allow for whale watching: 3 pcs were spotted at such a distance to put a smile on everyones face. The lack of wind made us go too slow for manta trawling, so we started the port ME to make the trawl trawl.

Then, during that 2 hour long session (with coffee break in between) the wind started to come up, and now, we are going along at a fine pace. Both the mizzen and its topsail are in place and even the Dutch flag has been hoisted in its rightful position. The sails and the ship are in fine balance. Frank reports on steady intervals that the helm need not be touched

Natalie has now found the time to lecture the voyage crew on sails.



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