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Longer days

Good evening,

POS:  57*51,8 S 045*08,4 W
COG:  194
SOG:  3.2 kts
WND:  SSW 5 bft
SEA:  2 meter
Water Temp: 1.1
Outside temp: 0.2

Under engines with only some stay sails left. No longer did we gain any progress into our destination. Earlier the wind was too strong to head into, but from today's afternoon on it makes sense to steam into the wind and waves that are left. Still the progress is not mega, but at least its not to the north anymore. The progress should get better believing the forecast, because the wind will decrease.

Of course sailing is way nicer, but every once in a while a little help 
from our yellow Caterpillars is very helpful. Going straight to the South seems to lengthens the days visibly more. While writing this it is 1 AM and still quite light outside. The icelights don't need to be switched on to have a clear sight. The sky is bright enough. And beautiful colored. The advantage of having the dogwatch in these area's.

Groetjes, Janke

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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