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Many things we can't influence

Good evening,

POS:  51*52,4 S 043*23,3 W
COG:  115
SOG:  4.4 kts
WND:  W 5 bft
SEA:  1 meter
SWL:  SW'ly 3 meter
Water temp: 5.6
Air temp: 7

There are many things in ships life we fortunately can't influence. The sun, that was shining again today. The wind, that picked up and forced us to lower the royals. The same wind, that decreased again and made us set the royals. The swell, activated by the wind, that makes us roll from side to side already for days. Seabirds flying by. The first visits of fur seals. The moon, she's waxing to the first quarter and lightens up the nights already.

Then there is the time. Which we can decide upon. Without the rules on land, that force you to go one hour back or forth, we can decide this ourselves based upon the daylight experience. So last night we went one hour forward, because in the evening it was dark at 21 already. Tonight is was at 22. A very nice difference. Of course there is also the reason that South Georgia operates on UTC-2 and it is convenient to be on the same time, but to have the choice when to swap feels luxury.

Not everybody agreed immediately on one hour less sleep, but after being reassured that that hour will be caught up on during our way down to Antarctica the protest stopped.

We're enjoying the deep water ocean downwind sailing with a good atmosphere on board.

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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