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Meet our EUROPA Heroes!

Meet our EUROPA Heroes! 🌊

On this Meet the Crew Monday we would like to do things a little differently. We would like to take this moment to thank our entire, amazing crew, for their unwavering dedication and hard work over the past months.

EUROPA is back in her natural element: wandering the world's oceans! Since the incident on May 20th, every member of our crew has poured their heart and soul into returning our lady EUROPA to her rightful place. Ensuring that every detail is in place for your comfort and safety. Bureau Veritas has been there every step of this journey and gave their green light to continue our adventures. They have even joined our ship for the first hours at sea again. 

On September 29th, we cast off the mooring lines and set sail from Cape Town! The seas are favorable, and the winds are guiding us toward our destination Montevideo, where the long-anticipated Antarctic season of 2023/2024 will commence!  

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us during this challenging time, with a special recognition to:

Abigail, Amelie, Amelke, Andrew, Ayla, Ayden, Bastiaan, Ben, Beth, Brian, Bronwen Clara, Cato, Cri, Dan, Denice, Duarte, Ed, Emma, Erik, Evelien, Famke, Finn, Florian, Floor, Freja, Gjalt, Glen, Hans, Hanjo, Håkon, James, James Mkize, Janke, Jonathan, Jordi, Judith, Kobus, Lidy, Lex, Loek, Lotte, Magnus, Marretje, Markus, Matt, Matti, Nadia, Natalie, Nina, Ninja, Peter, Pilou, Pim, Richard, Rocio, Rudi, Ruud, Sara, Sascha, Sarah, Sasha, Sebastian, Thom, Thomas, and Thando.

Bart, Bastiaan, Daan, Erik, Pim, Ruud.

Director & Shore Team
Leentje, Kobus, Liza, Nina, Pilou, Sascha.

The past months have showcased the resilience of our EUROPA family. We are very happy to create new memories on the world's oceans with all of you!

Exciting voyages are on the horizon! Following the ocean crossing to Montevideo, the Antarctica season of 2023/2024 will commence with the Scotia Arc Expedition! We will sail to South Georgia, Antarctica, and Ushuaia, embarking on four 22-day Antarctica Expeditions.

In March 2024, our Pacific voyages will commence with an exploration of the Chilean Channels! After which we will set sail for Easter Island, and from there, embark on a Pacific Ocean crossing, uncovering the treasures of Tahiti, Fiji, and numerous other remote paradisiacal islands.

After the Pacific season concludes in New Caledonia, we embark on one of our most daring voyages: rounding Cape Horn! This adventure is tailored to experienced sailors, given its extreme nature. 

📣Towards the year's end, we will open bookings for the Antarctic Season of 2024/2025! Do you wish to receive updates once our new adventures are online? Subscribe to our newsletter here.

Here’s to our sturdy old lady and the thrilling new adventures that await!🌊

Fair winds,

Team Bark EUROPA


Ik hoop dat Niels toch ook aan boord is? :-)

Yvan  |  10-10-2023 20:30 uur

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