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5 Dec 2019 by Ryan

Wow, this trip continues to be wonderful. 

Yesterday there was an extremely loud noise outside and the few of us not downstairs ran outside to see what the commotion was.  2 RAF Typhoons were scrambled, giving the Europa a private, unexpected airshow!  They passed so close and so low to the ship, we could smell the exhaust after they came by.
The friendly pilots passed over several times, giving us (and I suppose them too) a great view!
The British military was kind enough also to grant us access to Bertha's Beach, after the direct landing was not possible due to swell.  It was a very long 35-35min (each way) zodiac trip, but once we landed it was a sprawling, endless, white sand beach all to ourselves! 
Due to the 
evening landing we were able to enjoy spectacular lighting on a clear evening, and it was great to just take it all in on our private beach holiday. 
Several sandpipers were also around, these little unassuming 
birds migrate all the way here from the high arctic!
Due to the late timing and loooong zodiac rides, the last zodiac came back quite late, marooning the guides and a few of us stragglers for
over an hour, but it was such a beautiful evening, we could just sit there peacefully as the light left the sky and the birds came and went.
The faithful crew kept transporting us until quite late in the evening!
Exceptional, rare landings like this are such a treat that the Europa crew and guides work hard to deliver for us (and often can't be done on other ships), and we appreciate it so much.

Written by:
Ryan | Voyage crew

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