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Nansen Net

The morning scientific work carried out by the eager team of Scouts on board is to assist in investigating krill in the Antarctic Peninsula area. Whilst on this voyage to Antarctica the Scouts have been tasked by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to carry out a number of trawls of the upper column of water. This is to be done using a Nansen net. The experience of the crew in rigging and holding the ship steady combined with the work of the Scouts resulted in a successful first trawl this morning.

The net was lowered over the port side using a line rigged from the fore course yard. The downward pointing cone shaped net was then lowered to 50 metres depth. Once it reached 50m the net was pulled vertically upwards through the water column to the surface using the anchor winch. Gen, from the Scouts, donned the obligatory lab coat and safety glasses for the final stages which involved the processing of the catch and recording of the details in a log. The findings are currently being studied under the microscope.

Written by:
Beth & Helen | Kent Scouts

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