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Never a quiet day in the Drake Passage

Our departure from Ushuaia was under blue skies and plenty of time to admire Tierra del Fuego,

Gentle Drake

Our departure from Ushuaia was under blue skies and plenty of time to admire Tierra del Fuego, as dolphins and albatrosses accompanied us through the Beagle channel. The dreaded Drake Passage has been very gentle. Winds of max force 6 from behind along with mainly sunshine, a full moon last night and the opportunity to helm using stars as a guide. So we are slowly making our way to Antarctica. We have already crossed the Antarctic convergence where Antarctic waters meet the sub-antarctic waters and there is a dramatic drop in temperature.

A Drill

But the Drake is never without excitement. We were on lookout, admiring the view when we saw something orange in the far distance on the starboard side. Not knowing what it was we decided it best to report it to the bridge. A few minutes later, we heard the bell continuously ringing – I knew it was an alarm – but which one? Then “man overboard, man overboard” – Oh my God. But quickly followed by “this is a drill.” Thank goodness for that. The permanent crew quickly got the sails down, and we made our way to the object, coming to a textbook stop alongside. The sailors will appreciate the skill needed to accomplish this with a 60 metre ship. Two of the crew had donned dry suits and were quickly in the water – the 2 degree water and swam to pick up the buoy. We had our MOB on board quickly and in no time were setting sails again. Onwards to Antarctica.

Written by:
Helen | Trainee



Dear Helen, That was close! We have been watching your progress. Tell us all about it in Ireland! See you soon!!! Sincerely, Ciara + Jake

Ciara + Jake  |  03-04-2015 17:25 uur

Lucky you! Greetings from the office!! Have fun!

Axel  |  19-03-2015 08:54 uur

Helen, great writing! It's okay to join the MOB, just don't become a MOB :-) Sounds beautiful. Enjoy!!!!

Boris  |  16-03-2015 15:50 uur

Please send regards to Michael Soderstrom from his twin brother and his niece Johanna.

Magnus Söderström  |  16-03-2015 11:58 uur

I'd like to say hi to my uncle, Dick Seubert. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures when you get back. Be safe!

Michelle DeJohn  |  07-03-2015 21:28 uur

Please send a hug to micke söderström. I will pay your bills. Regards your accountamt kicki

kicki  |  06-03-2015 21:29 uur

Our friend Dick Seubert is with U hope He is having a great adventuer

Fred Lavoie  |  05-03-2015 13:27 uur

Thanks for posting. I hope you all post on the logbook regularly. I want to do this trip next year and am super keen to read all about this year's Cape to Cape adventure. Tell me everything and have a wonderful voyage.

Sharyn Cameron  |  05-03-2015 08:33 uur

Omg it sounds fantastic. Although as I read this logbook entry I thought oh dear my husband david has gone overboard! It sounds like you are all learning lots of new skills. Can't wait to read more logbook entries.

Bronwyn Wilson  |  04-03-2015 10:00 uur

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