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Ocean wanderer

The Drake passage is treating us well, it seems.

Familiar routine

The Drake passage is treating us well, it seems. Wind has picked up and once again we were able to turn off our engine and rely on the sails to bring us towards the southern continent. The swell is not too bad either, although some of us may temporarily disagree on this. Friendly, nice and calm Drake is still a Drake and may make you feel a bit dizzy if you're not used to swell in general. The watch system has started and becoming a familiar routine for the voyage crew: helming, lookout, standby, helming, lookout, standby.

Happy Draky

Today Elliot and Emma introduced us to the pin rails: Sheets, clews and bunts and where exactly to find them for each sail. We have been also seeing various sea birds gliding around us. Jordi gave a lecture on the birds and gave us a lot of tips on how to know our petrels and albatrosses. at the 8 O'clockie we also saw how big difference there is with the wing span of each species. It is amazing how the elegant-looking small Wilson's storm petrels are able to travel such long distances in the offshore. On the other end of the scale, the andering albatrosses with their the wing span of 3,5 meters seem more like small aeroplanes than birds. In the evening we also celebrated the birthday of Simone from New Zealand. Happy Draky Birthday Simone!

Written by:
Pete | Trianee

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