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On our way

On our way, approximately 580 Nm behind us and a 840 before.

Life on board has nicely settled into sailing mood. The first day (now day 4) was a bit rough, 35-45 knots of wind coming from somewhere behind giving us violent motion. Many of us was still thinking of Macaroni penguins when suddenly we realised that we where already on our way to Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia quickly disappearing in the mist. Wind and swell too high for landing at Cooper's Bay. That's one thing I like about this kind of sailing; no discussions of doing this or that, decisions are made by the authorities aboard, and you follow happily.

After the first day of rolling and heaving, the familiar bruises coming up here and there again from loosing your balance, we have had perfect sailing, 7-9 knots. At the moment wind has dropped a little, but we are still making good progress: 4-5 kn. Dolphins are now and then following us, one night there where stars in the water (fluoresence) and then there are all these birds, never getting tired even this far out at sea!

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