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Orphaned Penguin

Within that populated colony
He lived.
Soft and fluffy in the comfort of his down.

He knew, he knew.
Patiently he waited
Silently pondering his fill.
Regularly they came, first one, then the other.
Gushes of warm, nutritious krill,
Feeding his fill.

Around and around the noisy murmurings echoed -
Soft tummies rumbling.

He waited, he waited.

Others satisfied.
Sleepy eyes closed shut.

Still he waited. Still.
And still. And still.

Great gnawing emptiness
Firstly silent, slowly engulfed him.

Waited, still he waited:
Anxious now, anxious.
Waiting. Empty. Lost.
Silence loomed in - no welcoming calls.
Hungry now, hungry.
So Very, very hungry.
Waiting, forever waiting, hoping -
Soon to be

Written by:
Judy Hall | Trainee

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