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Out on the Drake again

And so we are out on the Drake again. We left Antarctica after our landing at Neko Habour, with still some hours sheltered by Brabant and Ansvers island – but back on the Swell and waves of the Drake around midnight. The wind was blowing from the East, at about 25 knots. During the night the wind slowly backed more to the North and by the morning we could switch of the engines – while making good speed towards the North West. Our route is not straight up, but aiming for the center of the large low pressure system passing through the Drake at the moment. The barometer keeps dropping, as does the wind. As the low keeps moving to the East, and we keep moving slightly to the West we hope and expect to catch the winds at the other side of the system, from a more Southerly direction. About 400 NM to go to Cape Horn – all well!

Written by:
Sarah Gerats | Expedition Leader

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