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Outta this place

“I wanna get outta this place, if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do” the
radio shouts a little louder than it sounded a few minutes ago. The
people doing the dishes sing along, they sing their hearts out!

I wonder how to make that happen while Europa battles the currents in
the Channel between Dover and Calais.
For a few seconds my heart feels heavy. It is not used to being denied
almost anything it can wish for. The next instant I realize how much I
have been wanting to be on this ship. I am here, on a great ship with a
bunch of lovely people. And then a deep sense of happiness seeps in, I
am here and now, at sea, on Europa. I don’t ‘wanna get outta this place’.


I wish I would be on board right now :-)

Kevin  |  18-09-2021 13:56 uur

Great Blog-please tell my grandchildren Megan & Jack Leach to enter something in this Log.-Thanks!!

Patricia A. Vampatella  |  15-09-2021 00:52 uur

thank you Joop.

margriet  |  14-09-2021 11:09 uur

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