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On this very sunny day, we were the lucky ones to go on zodiac cruise with Jordi in Paradise Bay. 

Sunny Day

On this very sunny day, we were the lucky ones to go on zodiac cruise with Jordi in Paradise Bay. And he really made it into paradise. His enthusiasm is usually already overwhelming as well as his knowledge. Today, he even did a better job! He cruised along the nesting and breading birds, showed us the most primitive vegetation of the Antarctics, and gave us the feeling as if we were in the middle of a 'gin-tonic on the rocks'. 

Pink Mouth

However, the most exciting moment was the eye-to-eye contact with a leapard seal. She was resting on one of the ice-cubes, got only a little disturbed by the strarge creatures in a black boat, and tossed and turned on the ice, showing her deep pink mouth filled with sharp teeth, just a few meters distance from our hands. The shape of the head, the remarkable spots on it and actually her whole body made us feel being part of 'Jurrasic Parc'. I was relieved, she didnot decide to go into the water, never knwoing what she might do with the zodiac. The ice-cubes around me, didn't make me longing for a swim... 

Written by:
Peggy | Trainee



fantastisch sieht es aus...seit ihr grad am ankern neben einer Eisscholle? Das Navi ortet Euch auf einer Eisscholle, aber das Zodiakbild zeigt wo ihr tatsächlich seit...ich hoffe euch geht es gut, die Bilder sprechen dafür... ich wünsche Euch eine ganz gute Reise auf hoher See ins neue Jahr.. viele schöne und bleibende Begegnungen... schaue wieder vorbei... hier in der Schweiz hält der Winter auch Einzug, es ist ziemlich weiss und ziemlich kalt... also, hier wärs nicht wärmer :-) ganz feste Umarmung gen Süden, ich denk an Euch!

Barbara Bracher  |  30-12-2014 23:37 uur

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