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Pinrail Chase

Noon position 2023-10-21 12.00 UTC:
17°14'S 017° 44'W
Speed: 7.0 knots,
COG 250°

Yesterday, in an attempt not to get too much behind on schedule, we 
started the engines. With the help of these, we will get the average 
speed to be done for arrival in time down to acceptable levels. This 
might be already tomorrow, after which we can go on bobbing about with 
three knots for a couple of days.

The wind has not really made an effort, but other than that was a 
glorious day:

The PC organized a pin-rail contest that was wild: The judge was 
impartial as Justitia herself, there were VC and deckies and even 
engineers involved. All this happened in the time that we had extra for 
changing to UTC-1 in the middle of the day

In the middle of all this madness, finally a fish was caught. A 
beautiful dorade, that will have a prime spot on tonight's menu, with 
white wine and aluminum foil involved.

Then we had a swimming stop. The water was lovely!

For lunch there was corn-soup!



Written by:
Hans | Captain



Mooie temperatuur Prachtig zeilweer en steeds lekkere soepjes. Ik ben helemaal jaloers.

margriet  |  24-10-2023 10:56 uur

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