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Sailing on the Europa entails being with a large group of people in a confined space. Usually not something I prefer. No wonder I was the last one to show up in Montevideo. ;-) But we're six days together now and I have encountered a total of 59 persons, the crew included, that are very pleasant company to travel with.

The group consists of a great variety in human plumage, as different as the birds that have accompanied us so far. Different countries, different backgrounds, different ages and different interests are present and of course also very different temperaments. But we all share some commonality. We all are excited about our goal, South Georgia and Antarctica and about our means of travel: sailing with this old lady Bark Europa.

What's very important when sailing together for more than 5 weeks: we help each other when necessary and give some space when one needs it. There are lively talks and discussions, jokes and fun, but also moments of tranquility when we just enjoy the scenery or are alone with our thoughts. And by the way, all this is being made possible by a wonderful crew that are taking care of us in any possible way. We have still the largest part of an incredible journey ahead of us. I'm a lucky bastard to have this opportunity.

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