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Preparations behind the scenes for the new journey.


Low coastal lands, jagged coastlines mixed with long sandy beaches, all littered with marine fossils that date from the mid Miocene geological period.
A landscape that engulf the waters of Golfo Nuevo to the South and Golf Sand Jose to the North.
Land of winds and spectacular coasts. Cold waters teeming with Subantarctic wildlife. Here the whales blow, dolphins purpose, Sea Lions lay along the beaches and Penguins thrive.
The northern latitude where Argentinean Patagonia starts, will see the Europa depart on yet another of her adventures sailing South.
From her arrival from Europe and with about 40 days ahead of her again until mooring at the port of Ushuaia, she has been laying alongside, homing a busy crew taking care of her. Despite her short stay at Puerto Madryn, she has experienced from cold blustery days, to calm warm weather; rain and impressive lightning storms. No matter what, jobs keep going. Many preliminaries are necessary before starting our new voyage through the rough waters of the Southern Ocean.
Light weather and the tropical conditions of her last voyage made for a different rig-set to the one she will need now. All an all, preparing the Europa for her next trip, we can find crew working from aloft from below decks on all sorts of activities: Skysail masts and yards come down to deck together with the Studding sail gear, provisions are loaded, some repairs on the way, maintenance is always ongoing, meals have to be readied.

Nicknamed “Ocean Wanderer” Bark Europa sails almost all year round, with just a couple of relatively short shipyard stops. The sailing periods range from her participation on Tall Ship Races to her yearly season in Antarctic waters, including too the experience of the Ocean crossings. A trip such as the one we are about to undertake, translates in the combination of crossing through some of the rough waters of the South Atlantic, Scotia Sea and Drake Passage, together with paying a good visit to the icy shores of South Georgia and Antarctica. Sails, walks and wildlife will team in the lifestyle we will enjoy during the next weeks.

Written by:
Jordi Plana Morales | Expedition Guide

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