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Hello all,

POS:  64*07,1 S 061*07,7 W
COG:  220
SOG:  2.5
WND:  N 3 bft

Rain, yes, rain also exists on Antarctica. It does not rain often, but every once in a while it's one of those days. As is today.
The night was very very roley. The swell of the Drake definitely kept a lot of us from sleeping a calm night. It only stopped when we were close to Spert and Trinity Island. There we dropped anchor and the zodiacs plus Sloopy. Zodiac cruising was on the program. A nice ride, but no ice to see. Except on the glaciers around.

After lunch we moved on, crossed Orleans Strait, met two humpback whales and arrived in Cierva Cove. We found the ice we had been looking for. We spend the evening drifting amongst icebergs, bergy bits, growlers and brash ice with the beautiful view on the glaciers surrounding the cove.
The sound and colors were impressive.

Now the saga continues, we're making our way South a bit more, with some very interesting spots on the program for the day!

Groetjes, Janke

Photo by Richard Simko

Written by:
Janke Kingma | Captain



Ik geniet van alle mooie blogs. Wat een belevenis.

margriet  |  10-01-2023 09:10 uur

Wat een geweldige belevenis; Benieuwd de verhalen erover te horen

Marieke  |  09-01-2023 21:36 uur

Jammer dat wij de geluiden niet meekrijgen bij de mooie verhalen.

Inez  |  09-01-2023 15:00 uur

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