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Rain and squalls

Hello all,

POS:    29* 38.4 S 116* 14.5 W         
SOG:    5.0
COG:    224
DTG:    787 NM to Pitcairn
Water temp: 20.4 C
Outside temp: 20.4 C

Rain, squalls and more rain...the whole day it was wet. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit les. The good things about the showers are that at least the ship is not salty and the rain is warm. So no complaints from my side. It seems thought that the most people on board are a bit tired. It could be the motion of the ship, the wet air, the warm air, or just getting into the rhythm. Still people are happy and enjoying the days.

This morning we were able to set the squares and later the rest of the sails again and turn off the engines. The course has been varying between 210 and 260. In general, we make slow progress towards Pitcairn. Later today the wind should shift to the South and then hopefully we can sail a more NW course for a while.

Soon this night we'll change the first hour of four until Tahiti. We'll be on UTC -7. A difference of 9 hours with the Netherlands.

Janke Kingma
Captain bark EUROPA

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