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Research on board

Today, we started the plastics and plankton program. After a short introduction Marcus did his first plankton trawl and showed the contents to the rest of us under a microscope. It’s amazing how much life the oceans contain, especially because with the bare eye Marcus’ samples look like dirty water. Looking forward to his plankton drawing workshop later this week. 

People are mingling and enjoying themselves as far as I can see. The ocean and her inhabitants treat us well. The sun illuminates our voyage. The sky provides a colourful show twice a day. Today I spoke to voyage crew Christa about being privileged with regards to sustainability. In the Western world, or more accurate: the Global North, some of us have got the time and means to get involved with sustainability efforts. Discussing topics like ocean plastic pollution on a sailing boat on the Atlantic Ocean, in complete freedom, is a privilege. I guess giving back comes with that.

For the sharp listener: this blog was indeed written on a laptop and sent to the office crew of the Bark EUROPA through e-mail. Also, presentations are held via a laptop, and photos are taken with phones. We are sailing in 2022 after all.

Written by:
Karl Beerenfenger | Research team, Bark EUROPA



hope a little good news from the research will come up as well!

dennis  |  29-09-2022 04:54 uur

Leuke foto.s en zeer interessante verhalen.

margriet  |  27-09-2022 12:34 uur

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