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Rewarded with fine sailing weather

Noon position 2023-10-19 12.00 UTC:

15°57'S 013° 33'W

Speed: 5.8 knots,

COG 240°

Things have improved, since the last posrep:

This morning there was trawling for plastic, and after that the wind 
picked up.

Some people would credit Murphy's law for this: It being one of the few 
instances you actually want to go slow, so of course the wind picks up....

Personally I credit Calypso, maybe with a shout-out to Neptune: we take 
pollution out of the waters and are rewarded with fine sailing weather:

As i write this we are almost a whole knot faster than the average we 
must make to arrive on time to Montevideo!

What is more, we are also moving in also the right direction!

Written by:
Hans | Captain

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