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Rhymes of passage

A poem

To start off a voyage with style,
But forget Cape Town in a mile

Split in to watches of red, white & blue,
Fellow crewmembers we had to eschew (disdain, shun, stay away from, does not rhyme otherwise)

Other ideas for passage occupation,
Include removing the mate’s clothes from their usual location

In an emergency we killed one of our own,
Fire drill smoke inhalation ends with a groan

And the pin rail chase was enough of a mission,
Without the addition of squally conditions

Deep sea demons and marine reproduction,
Always wondered how Angler fish function

This holiday has gone all wrong,
So much hard work does not belong

This is practically slavery,
How do we have time for this knavery?

Just so you know
Still one week to go
If they don’t treat us better
And turn on the fine weather
The permanent crew list will grow

Written by assorted watch members: Asleep, Hyperactive, and Dazed.

Rachel Wijsmuller

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