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On Friday October 1st the sun rises behind a grey layer of clouds. Th only thing she can do is send het light ahead. On the main deck of Europa a farewell is going on, not really a farewell party. The atmosphere is a bit like the grey layer of clouds, thick with a kind of sadness: the company was good, we will miss you, thanks for you being you… off the gangway, the last kisses flying to shore and back, see you... 

Our journey continues with a group of partly the same people and a bunch of fresh folks. The balance will have to be set all over again, which will take some time. In time the new routine will present itself and as always: life goes on. Today the sun woke up to see another grey veil covering the start of the third of October. The first watches did what they had to do and already we are back to business as usual. The breath of the open ocean is tangible, the sun has cast off her veil: hello beautiful Sunday!

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