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Safety Training

We continue to sail along at a good pace towards Tristan da Cunha. There is plenty to do on the Europa during sailing - watches, pin training, sail training, attending lectures etc.

Today we also had a refresher on safety training. In order for calm to prevail in the event of an adverse situation we all need to know what to do and what to expect. Today we reviewed the Man Overboard and Abandon Ship scenarios. Of course we have already had training on this, but it is essential for undertake refresher courses from time to time. I was particularly interested in the orange survival suits. I wondered what it would be like to put one on.

They looked pretty tight when demonstrated at our initial training and I wondered if it would really fit me. I volunteered to put the suit on and discovered a number of things - firstly, they are stretchy and will be a multi-fit except for very tall people ( Europa has some extra large ones for such folks). Secondly, although they are mulit-fit they are also very snug. Perhaps a little bit of water might get into them, but I was pleased at how 'secure' the suit felt and am sure it would keep me warm in the water for some considerable time.

The most important thing I learnt about the suit was that it is much easier to put on and also much quicker to do up if you have someone to help you. It was also very reassuring. As I thought about the orange suit it struck me that it is a metaphor for how we can choose to live our lives. We can struggle on by ourselves and no doubt get by, or we can choose to help one another, share the load and live life altogether quite differently.


Hooray! I see my brother in the background of your photo! Say hi to Rod from all of us, we are following the ship closely and enjoying all the posts. Would love to hear one from him!

AnneTemplin  |  13-04-2016 23:24 uur

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