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Sailing is great

OK, sailing is great, especially on a square-rigger.

And of course it is nice to meet dolphins, whales, orca’s and ourresident seabird that has been hunting out of its vantage point on thefore skysail for the past few days.
And of course it is nice to meet a number of interesting people who, just like yourself, have ample time for a philosophical conversation ora game of chess.
And it IS exiting to go up in the shrouds and help with sail handling.
But……let’s face it, in the end man’s love goes through his stomach andso we are all the more happy to have on board Gjalt and Sarah, our unbeatable galley crew.

Two weeks under way, a nice dinner every night, a breakfast to be kissedand a warm lunch and we have not had one single repetition in the menu.
Fourteen different kinds of soup, not to mention the desserts and birthday cakes. Rumour has it that among the voyage crew is a couple acting as mystery guest for the Guide Michelin.
I have no doubt the 
result will be favourable.

Meanwhile, we do enjoy the sailing…….

Rudi, Ship’s Doctor

Written by:
Rudi von Bartheld | Shipsdoctor

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