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Scotia sea

Now we are rolling and heeling along at impressing speed. Last 12 hours we have been logging 8 - 10 knots!

I would not say that life onboard is especially comfortable, but you can't have it all, can you. Once again skipping soap on the soles of your feet in the shower, getting dressed lying down, trying to keep the food on your plate and from there a quick movement towards your mouth. But all this is just was it is about; sailing so both the ship and ourselves are happy! "Europa" is riding the waves majesticly and the fantastic crew continues to do everything they can to make it a happy and smoothgoing ship.

Leaving Shackleton the other day was not correct. Maybe according to his originally planned expedition (1914-16), but right now we are on his maybe even more heroic task: sailing to South Georgia for help to rescue all his men back at Elephant Island. The other day (what day I am not sure; on sea watches days mix and blend and time becomes a flow without distinct marks), we anchored on the north side of that particular Island and did Zodiac trips around the place where Shackleton's men survived while waiting for help. And we keep following the route to South Georgia, but in a thousand times more comfortable way!


Everything is relative! Kram from Uganda, am sitting here watching a kolibri feed, probably more comfortable but sweatier!

Ellinor  |  30-03-2016 11:04 uur

Interesting reading! Dressing while lying down, woh! Happy Easter!

Kerstin Ljungkrantz  |  28-03-2016 17:37 uur

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